Meridianville man spots ‘big’ snake; experts say there’s no need to panic

Meridianville man spots big snake

MERIDIANVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - How would you react if you saw an 8-foot snake hanging right above your head? Two men at work Monday spotted two snakes that originally some thought was a python. Turns out experts with the Alabama Herpetological Society say it was a “harmless grey ratsnake."

The pair work for Madison County Fence. They were installing a fence in a Meridianville backyard when they first spotted a black snake. Minutes later they noticed another, bigger snake in a tree.

“[It] was about 7 or 8 feet long, about the size of a soda can or a little bigger,” explained Justin Cruso.

Cruso snapped a picture of the snake in the tree. It’s right in the center of the photo but it really blends into the tree.

We showed the picture to experts with the Alabama Herpetological Society to see if they could identify it.

Raymond Corey is the President of the society and said, “This is a harmless grey ratsnake. They are great climbers!”

“If you see it and cannot identify it, you’re out of danger because you can leave it alone," explained Corey. "You have the ability to stay out of harms way it’s not going to come after you.”

As for Cruso, he says he just wanted to keep his distance so it did not fall on his head.

Corey say you can snap a photo just like Cruso and his partner did. He instructs you to tag the Alabama Herpetological Society Facebook page and they will help you identify it.

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