’It’s the most dangerous intersection in north Alabama’: Madison County residents on roadwork off U.S. 72

Published: Jun. 17, 2019 at 7:41 PM CDT
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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - There are a lot of roadway projects happening across north Alabama. One of the busiest highways in the state is getting some much-needed attention: U.S. 72. Madison County commissioners have given the Ryland Pike roadway project the green light. Neighbors are pushing for work on Dug Hill Road as well.

“I would describe it as the most dangerous intersection in north Alabama," said Steve Hernandez.

A 15-year Madison County resident, Hernandez says he has seen too many fatal or critical accidents at Dug Hill Road. “It’s something that we fear will happen on a daily basis. When it does happen like it did recently where there were two fatalities there we’re glued to the news to find out who it was in case it’s somebody we knew," he said.

Work is already underway on another critical intersection about a mile up the highway at Ryland Pike. People who live in that area say turning left onto U.S. 72 comes with blind spots over the hill.

Commissioner Craig Hill represents that district of the county. He tells 48 News the current project will expand Jordan Road to U.S. 72 and eliminate the option to turn left onto the highway from Ryland Pike.

As far as Dug Hill Road, Hill says federal funds that would allow ALDOT to fix that intersection have stalled. Nevertheless, his team is still working on a solution.

“I think that the problem is such a degree that if it were to wait anymore that we will just continue to see tragic accidents at that intersection," said Hernandez.

Commissioner Hill says work on the Jordan Road expansion will begin in two to three weeks. The entire project should be complete within a couple of weeks.

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