Dirty dishes, flies and kids in the kitchen: Your June 14th Kitchen Cops Report

Madison County Kitchen Cops June 14th 2019

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Summer time is here, and that means restaurants all around the Tennessee Valley are fighting insect invasions. Some are more successful than others. Flies, gnats and other bugs were written up at several different establishments all around north Alabama this week.

Perhaps the most notable incident was at the Logan’s on Madison Boulevard, where a fly was spotted in the egg wash being used on fried foods. The food was tossed and the flies weren’t a problem during a followup inspection a few days later. Logan’s staff also had to clean out an ice machine and deal with pans, plates, bowls and utensils with food debris on them. The score for Logan’s this week comes in at 79.

The next lowest score in Madison County comes from a location that’s become a repeat offender to the Kitchen Cops. We’ve featured problems at Bar Louie multiple times in the past few months. This time, it scores an 80 and loses points for dirty dishes that had to be re-washed, and containers of fruit in the fridge with a white substance on it.

More reports from the Shoals, Morgan & Limestone Counties after the video:

Limestone & Morgan County Kitchen Cops June 14th, 2019

The scores in Colbert and Lauderdale Counties were mostly good, with some places like Lawler’s and Rick’s in Muscle Shoals getting high marks. However, there were plenty of problems in Franklin County to tell you about.

Quinn’s Grocery in Russellville gets an 82 due to foods at the wrong temperature and a small child being in the kitchen. The Bojangles on Highway 43 in Russellville had been using a faulty food thermometer that had to be fixed and has to settle for a 90 score.

In Limestone County, the BP on Upper Elkton Road in Elkmont is the low performer this week with a 78. It got in trouble when inspectors noted “excessive flies” in the building and dirty drink nozzles. More fly problems at the Jack’s on Highway 31 in Athens. It also lost points for a dirty ice machine. Jack’s #220 gets an 80. Another place dealing with insects this summer is the Asian Buffer on Highway 31 in Hartselle. It also lost some points due to some foods at the wrong temperature. It still salvages an 85 score.

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