Bama fan caught, charged in botched holdup

Bama fan caught, charged in botched holdup

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - An Alabama fan is in custody following a failed robbery caught on camera in Huntsville.

She was wearing a very distinctive outfit when she targeted a gas station, but the manager wasn't having it.

The release of the surveillance footage helped police identify the suspect and she was arrested on Friday.

Bama fan charged with robbery in botched holdup

The video sparked buzz on social media because the woman donned an elephant hat as she approached the counter at a Texaco at the corner of Bob Wallace Avenue and Jordan Lane in Huntsville.

It happened early Thursday. Both the woman and the clerk remained calm as she pulled out a gun from under her shirt and demanded all of the money in the register.

Shawn, a customer, saw the footage shared by media outlets online and he was surprised by what he saw in the clip.

“I think it was kind of absurd, kind of crazy. This is a neighborhood store, everyone comes in here. Everybody is like family in the neighborhood. And then she went to sleep! She went to sleep holding the gun,” he stated.

At one point, the suspect- identified by Huntsville police as 40-year-old Kristin Snow- does appear to get comfortable, lowering her head and her weapon.

Huntsville police say it's possible she was under the influence of something.

The store manager, who was off camera, saw the whole thing unfolding and stepped in, grabbing the pistol out of her hands. Snow took off running.

"It was smart, but it was kind of dangerous because when he grabbed the gun, she could have just squeezed the trigger but it's good he's alright. That's good," Shawn said outside of the store on Friday.

Lt. Michael Johnson, public information officer with the Huntsville Police Department, said several tips helped identify Snow.

"We had some members of the public call into us. We were able to do some confirmation from an individual who lives in the area where she lives contact us, as well as a relative," he said.

Police also reacted to the manager's actions during the attempted robbery.

“As you can see on the video, he was extremely close to her and she was holding the weapon in a very untactful way. She was holding the gun in a lazy fashion so he felt confident enough to take it away from her. That’s not something we recommend anybody to attempt. But it was something he did and he did it successfully and we’re glad nobody got hurt,” Lt. Johnson stated.

The brave manager, Monzir Hafiz, wasn’t up for an interview, but he talked about what he felt in that moment. He said he wasn’t scared. He was angry. For his clerk, it was his first night on the job and he had a gun pointed at him so Hafiz felt that he needed to take action.

“What I did came from my gut. I don’t know why I did it, but I felt bad for my employee. I wasn’t afraid,” he added.

Based on her elephant hat seen in the surveillance video and a mugshot from 2017 where she’s wearing an Alabama shirt, it appears Kristin Snow is a fan of the Crimson Tide. Madison County jail records show arrests dating back to 2007.

In 2017, Snow was arrested on charges of theft of property and possession of a controlled substance.

She was booked into the Madison County Jail again on Friday afternoon and charged with first degree robbery.

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