Point Mallard teaming up with Decatur police to improve safety

Point Mallard teaming up with Decatur police to improve safety 10:00-10:30PM - VOD - clipped version

DECATUR, Ala. (WAFF) - Point Mallard representatives and Decatur Public Safety officials released a promised public safety improvement plan for the water park in response to a shooting on June 1st that left two people injured.

The suspect in that shooting, Kaleb Jones, was arrested on June 3.

According to a release from Decatur Public Safety and Point Mallard officials the park will cap attendance at the park to 6,000 guests at a time. Enforcement of the attendance cap will be managed by Point Mallard staff who will modify their entry counting system to be more accurate. Once the park reaches 6,000 guests attendance will be controlled by allowing one person entry for every one person that leaves. Attendance caps could fluctuate based on events happening at the park, the fluctuation would depend on an event’s length.

Decatur Parks & Recreation along with the Decatur police and fire departments will also increase their security presence at the park. The law enforcement’s side of the security plan includes additional police officers posted at entry gates. It also includes additional firefighter assigned to respond quickly during large scale events at the park to medical or other emergencies. Response plans will be developed for large events, and employees will be trained to identify potential threats like overcrowding or sources of danger. Officials said employees would be trained to identify signs of potential threats by looking at a person’s behavior, outfit, and other factors.

Some other safety measures that will be implemented by Point Mallard staff include additional security personnel to deter illegal entry into the park and stopping admission to the water park an hour prior to closing to ensure smooth exit flow when the park closes.

During a press conference Thursday officials said they are also looking into restricting access to the park for unaccompanied minors. Bag checks are not being considered as an additional safety measure for Point Mallard at this time. Bag checks were ruled out because officials felt it would be a hindrance to families attending the park.

Officials also said they’re looking into the possibility of adding metal detectors at Point Mallard.

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