Madison County judge to consider bond for one suspect charged in Madison murder case

Madison County judge to consider bond for one suspect charged in Madison murder case

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Thursday morning, Madison County Judge Alison Austin heard testimony from Hunter Moore’s family in the request that she set a bond.

Luke Pratt was found stabbed to death in the home, and another person was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound. Moore is charged with capital murder, attempted murder, and burglary. Investigators testified in Moore’s preliminary hearing that he was the mastermind behind the event.

Family members of Moore were in the courtroom during the bond hearing. Moore’s grandmother spoke to the judge on his behalf. She mentioned he had lived with her for 11 years. She said while she lives alone, she has a bedroom open and is willing to let Moore stay with her if bond is granted.

The grandmother told the judge she has two rules Moore would have to follow. One, he must go to school and the second is that he gets a job. The grandmother stated she would be willing to support Moore financially if ankle monitoring and GPS tracking is requested. She mentioned to the judge that Moore had been a caregiver, helping her monitor her diabetes.

Moore’s sister also spoke before the judge. She mentioned her willingness to help take Moore wherever he needed to go.

She mentioned that a job has already been lined up for Moore at their uncle’s construction company should a bond be granted. The sister became emotional as she talked about her brother’s character.

Moore’s attorney mentioned to the judge that he had been in custody since May 6 and would not pose as a flight risk.

Assistant District Attorney Shaun Barnett did not oppose to a bond being granted. However, she did have some concerns with Moore being employed at a construction company. Barnett’s concerns deal with not being able to know where he would be each day.

Barnett asked for ankle monitoring and GPS tracking. She has also requested there be restrictions put in place regarding the other seven co-defendants.

Austin will take these statements into consideration and make a ruling in the coming days.

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