Cause of Woodville train derailment released

Woodville train derailment caused by broken track

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - We have new information about May’s massive train derailment in Woodville.

You may recall 26 cars carrying coal spilled all over the track that closed down nearby roads for more than 24 Hours.

Jackson County Sheriff Chuck Phillips says he talked with the officials with the train company and he was told the derailment was all caused by a portion of broken track.

“The story that we’ve got from the railroad people, the track broke. I don’t know if it was a weld, a bolt, I don’t know, they just said the track broke,” said Phillips.

It’s been a little more than five weeks since more than one million pounds of coal spilled all over this area as a result of the derailment, but a lot of debris is still near the crash site.

There’s a mountain of coal and portions of the train and track are still on the ground.

“Well, right now it doesn’t bother me at all. Considering the way it was when it first happened, it was a mess, we couldn’t get in and out of the street,” said Woodville resident Marie Bradford.

She’s just happy to have the track across her street new and improved.

“This train is a lot more quite, going a lot smoother, it seems they have slowed down a little bit,” said Bradford.

Most of the homeowners who live near these railroad tracks in Woodville say they know it’s going to take some time for the train company to clean up all of the debris and all of the mess they’re being patient but they hope it will take place and get cleaned up pretty soon.

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