Man missing 2 weeks believed to be around Jackson County coal mine

Man missing 2 weeks believed to be around Jackson County coal mine

JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - Jackson County Sheriff’s deputies are searching the Fabius Coal Mine for 61-year-old Jimmy Wayne McCarson. He went missing two weeks ago.

Jackson County Sheriff Chuck Phillips says they’re not giving up hope and they’re not going to end their search and rescue efforts for McCarson.

Fabius Coal Mine is a huge area with a lot of trees with a lot of areas where someone can wander off. But but Phillips says McCarson knew the area well.

“He lived in the area for many years. I think he now lives in Stevenson but I’m sure he knows that mine and I believe the family has told some of our deputies that he was well familiar with the area,” said Phillips.

Phillips says McCarson didn’t go into the mine alone. He went with a friend and their car got stuck. The friend took a nap and McCarson went for a walk, but never returned.

“It’s a very remote area, lots of roads, lots of four-wheeler trails, lots of woods, it’s a very large remote area,” said Phillips.

“The Fabius Coal Mine area is so large, despite our best efforts to catch up with some of the first responders out here searching for Jimmy Wayne McCarson, we were unable to find anybody, but those crews are still out searching,” he said.

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