Dolly Parton on what’s new in Pigeon Forge

Legendary entertainer chats with WAFF on new restaurant, theme park expansion

Dolly Parton discusses what's new in Pigeon Forge

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - There’s plenty of new attractions to talk about in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and WAFF 48′s Haley Baker had a chance to talk with the town’s best ambassador: Dolly Parton.

Parton joined us live via satellite from Pigeon Forge on Thursday morning to talk about the all-new Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show, and the Wildwood Grove expansion at Dollywood, which just opened a few weeks ago. “This is a show that’s done really well in Myrtle Beach, and people seem to love it!” Parton said. “It’s a pirates theme with music I’ve been a part of putting that together, so we’re all going to be pirates, and the food’s good!”

The Pirates Voyage features a 300,000 gallon indoor water stage, with a 15 foot deep lagoon that’s used as a staging area for battles between two groups of pirates aboard full-sized pirate ships.

We also asked Dolly about the latest expansion to her theme park: Wildwood Grove. “It really has more games, more rides and a bigger area for people to stay cool during the summer.” Parton said. “It’s really a wonderful area."

So, what’s next? Dolly told us that her Dream More resort is about to undergo a major expansion.

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