Months after Lee County tornado, family using faith to inspire others

Months after Lee County tornado, family using faith to inspire others
Earnestine Reese is seen with her two daughters. She and her family are still recovering after surviving the Lee County tornado.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) -Two months after losing everything in a devastating tornado, an Alabama family is looking to turn the page by using their faith to inspire others.

“Tell God thank you!” In early March, you heard Earnestine Reese saying those words in a video posted to social media. She was thanking the Lord for sparing her and her families lives, after an EF-4 tornado ripped their homes apart in Beauregard. The family says the conditions around them at the time did not change their faith. Moments after the storm, Ms. Reese Facetime’d with her family letting them know she was okay.

Reese's words captivated a nation. A few days later after the rubble was removed from her home, her prayer closet was the only thing left standing. She kept her church clothes in that room and from time to time went in to give thanks.

Months after the storm, she and her family are still recovering.

"She’s doing well. She’s doing better. She’s making a lot of progress. She’s taking steps and walking a little bit. It’s good to see her getting her strength back,” Evony Wilson, Reese’s daughter said.

Reese’s four powerful words are now on t-shirts you can purchase. Money will be used to help the family rebuild.

"So many people were inspired by the prayer closet story, I figured the best way to make it live on would be in something like a t-shirt,” Kolayah Wilson, Reese’s son-in-law said.

Wilson says when life gets you down, just think of her mother's words.

"Our faith has always stood. I think I know now that getting the message to the world was important and to continue to show that strong faith. I know it’s a challenge. It’s a challenge for many of us even now today,” Wilson said.

Unfortunately, the storm killed several of their relatives who live along Lee Road 39.

You can purchase the “Tell God Thank You” t-shirts here.

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