South Alabama town on popular beach route tackles speeding

New monitors put up to combat River Falls speeding concerns

RIVER FALLS, Ala. (WSFA) - Leaders in River Falls - a town in Covington County just outside Andalusia - are cracking down on speeders now that beach traffic is in full swing.

Dwight Merritt welcomed his speed tracker neighbor on Plywood Mill Road, calling it a good move to slow things down a bit.

“I notice when I’m sittin’ on the front porch there..when they realize they’re going too fast some of them will slow down," said Merritt.

But some drivers, he says, simply ignore the speed monitor, which shows how fast you’re going in the 40 mile an hour speed zone.

“A lot of them won’t.. don’t pay no attention," he said.

“The issue we have is the traffic gets so thick," said River Falls police chief Cody Warren.

Still, Warren thinks this was more than a wise investment on several fronts. River Falls only has four officers, and they can’t be everywhere at once.

The town of about 500 sees 10,000 vehicles a day during the summer as travelers head to the beach.

“So it lets us know where and when we need to be somewhere to try to keep people safer," said chief Warren.

There is a downside to having a speed monitor. The town of River Falls could miss out on future revenues from speeding tickets, but the chief says that’s not the point.

“You know safety is the main goal here," Warren said.

A federal grant paid for the monitor, which costs around $3,900, and there’s talk of adding another one perhaps on Highway 55 South as you’re going into River Falls.

“It does not have a camera and not writing you a citation,” Warren said.

While the monitor may not gain the respect of all drivers, it has most certainly caught the eye of Merritt who applauds the effort to put the brakes on speeding in River Falls.

Warren says that particular monitor has been in place for about two weeks. They will likely move it to another location in a week or so.

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