Huntsville undocumented immigrant facing deportation after arrest for falsifying police report

Huntsville undocumented immigrant facing deportation after arrest for falsifying police report

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - A Huntsville undocumented immigrant is facing deportation after friends say he called police for help.

ICE confirmed Victoriano Cordoba Hernandez is facing potential deportation after an April 8 arrest in Huntsville.

He’s currently being held in Louisiana and a June 7 bond hearing could decide if he is given 90 days on bond to handle his affairs or if he remains in custody and is subsequently deported to his native Mexico.

Hernandez’s friends and legal team said his arrest stemmed from a miscommunication with officers.

Immigration law paralegal Aylene Valentin is a member of Hernandez’s legal defense (headed by Huntsville attorney Michael Tewalt) and said he was in an abusive relationship with his partner.

She said Hernandez’s lack of English fluency resulted in him being unable to effectively communicate to the officers, leading to his arrest for falsifying a police report.

“He’s not a criminal, he doesn’t have any criminal background, he’s you know, just a guy that got caught in a wrong situation,” she said.

WAFF 48 News could find no prior criminal records for Hernandez in Alabama.

The Huntsville Police Department sent a statement saying “There is no information that would indicate that ICE would be getting involved in the case. The arrest report did not give detailed information regarding his citizenship status."

WAFF 48 News subsequently requested information on the details surrounding the arrest, but Huntsville police has yet to respond.

Alyene said Hernandez was a beloved tamale salesmen in West Huntsville. She coordinated with Hernandez’s customers Jennifer Romero and Conseulo Fuentes to raise money for Hernandez’s legal defense and potential bond.

Saturday Romero and Fuentes cooked and sold tamales, and said they raised more than $300.

A Facebook fundraiser the trio runs has garnered more than $3,000.

Romero said Hernandez brought people together, and his arrest will have consequences beyond just his removal from the country.

“We have plenty of people in the community that prefer not to call the police and just go through their problems however they can, or suffer their problems I should say. Because they’re scared. They’re scared that they end up in jail, they end up leaving the country,” she said.

Consuelo agreed with Romero, but still urged undocumented immigrants to call law enforcement if they need.

WAFF 48 News will be staying in contact with ICE, Huntsville police and Hernandez’s legal team as his case unfolds.

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