Massachusetts worker shocked by power lines after falling from bucket truck

Worker shocked by power lines after falling from bucket truck

NORTON, Mass. (WJAR/CNN) - A National Grid worker suffered serious injuries after he fell about 30 feet to the ground from a truck bucket and hit wires on the way down, Tuesday morning.

"There was a big loud bang,” said Chief Brian Clark, of the Norton Police Department. “I think it was from the electricity hitting his body. And they saw him fall out and the thud that happened when he hit the ground."

The worker was burned by the shock and injured from the impact after hitting the ground.

A police officer was working a safety detail next to the utility crew.

“The officer and a National Grid worker did CPR,” Clark said. “Other National Grid workers put burn packs on and did first aid, and he was transported to Rhode Island Hospital. Him (the police officer) along with the National Grid worker probably saved his life.”

Sam Prescott came out of his house just down the street after hearing the emergency dispatch on his scanner around 10 a.m.

"I come out and he’s on the ground and everybody’s coming all around him," said Prescott. "My heart goes out to him, his family, his coworkers."

National Grid crews were in the area replacing utility poles in the area.

"Just the other day I said to them, ‘you guys stay safe, you want to go home to your families at the end of the day,’" Prescott said.

"My son works for National Grid in Rhode Island, so it hits close to home," said Joyce Prescott.

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