Fire ants can be a big problem this time of year

Fire ants can be a big problem this time of year

FLORENCE, Ala. (WAFF) - Unwelcome visitors may be popping up around your home, and the Alabama’s Cooperative Extension Service has a warning for you.

Fire ants are a big problem this time of year building mounds above ground in your yard.

“If you may step on a fire ant mound you will know very quickly because they will cover you in a hurry and bite,” said Rhonda Batton of Alabama’s Cooperative Extension Service .

Once fire ants build a mound in your yard it can be a challenge to get rid of them.

Batton says babies, elderly, and people who are allergic need to seek medical attention immediately because the stings could be life threatening.

An easy way to find out if you have a fire ant problem is to leave a potato chip on your yard. This will lure them out so you can tell if you have a problem.

They’re numerous bates available now to the consumer the main thing is following the directions.

Here’s what you need to remember:

If you buy fire ant bait from the store this what you need to know…

Put the bait around the mound not on top of it.

Leave it sitting for several weeks because it needs to seep into the ground.

And remember keep children away from the bait because it is poisonous.

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