Hundreds gather in Huntsville for rally over abortion law

Rallies over new abortion law

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Sunday, the traditionally quiet Butler Green Park in Huntsville turned into a sea of demonstrators.

Hundreds of pro-choice advocates gathered to protest Alabama’s recent passage of a near-total ban on abortions.

The law is designed to be a challenge to the Supreme Court decision in the case Roe v. Wade, which constitutionally guarantees abortions to women.

Protesters held a wide variety of signs as social justice speakers and artists performed to the crowd.

Pro-choice demonstrator Kellyann Sparks-Berger said she is concerned for the next generation.

“It’s regressive, and I have a daughter, my husband and I, we have a daughter. I don’t want her to grow up in a state where she doesn’t feel safe and she doesn’t have access to the healthcare she could possibly need,” she said.

Roughly a dozen pro-life counter demonstrators gathered in the corner of the park.

Pro-life demonstrator Cindy Puett said life needs to be protected, no matter if it’s created under rape or incest.

“A child is conceived at the moment of conception. Why should a child be punished and killed because of something their father did? If it’s a child, no innocent life should be killed,” she said.

The two demonstrations had a small standoff, and Huntsville Police kept both groups separated.

Organizer Megan Eller said the rally was about sending a message.

"The biggest thing for today I want the rest of the world to see, what's happening, what they think is happening in Alabama, that's not us. "

Valley pro-life advocate James Henderson said at the end of the day, the law will accomplish its goal.

“I believe we’re going to see Roe versus Wade overturned in the next three years," he said.

Alabama’s abortion ban is widely expected to be challenged in the courts.

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