Statue, walkway commemorating first responders and wounded warriors unveiled

New statue at veterans memorial

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - The Huntsville/Madison County Veterans Memorial has a new addition to honor the sacrifices of some of the Valley’s best.

Saturday, military and community leaders unveiled a statue dedicated to wounded warriors and combat medics.

It depicts a medic treating an injured soldier on the ground, and the scene is based on the memory and experience of Lance Corporal Kendall Bane.

Bane, a Huntsville native, was shot multiple times in Afghanistan in 2012. He credited his survival to the immediate and selfless care provided by the medics nearby.

“Within one or two minutes, the medics were there, the quick response was there. They didn’t think about what they were running into,” he said.

“They heard gunshots and said that doesn’t sound like ours, and ran.”

The solider receiving treatment in the statue was sculpted to resemble to Bane.

“The whole thing, it’s just about honor, courage, commitment, sacrifice," he said.

The base of the statue reads “Land of the Free because of the brave.”

Madison County Commission Chairman Dale Strong formally opened the walkway leading up to the statue. A series of plaques along its side recognizes first responders for their selfless actions in the face of emergencies.

They include the badges of all first responder outfits (law enforcement, fire, EMT) and the seals of America’s military branches.

(Source: WAFF)

First responder John Perry Jr. posthumously received a special honor. The combat medic in the above-mentioned statue was sculpted in his likeness.

Perry served as a paramedic in Madison County for more than 20 years, including 18 with HEMSI.

His widow Kimberly Perry said the statue is an honor and means a lot to their children.

“It’s a place they can now come and see their dad’s face anytime they want, and remember him as their dad and as a member of the first responder community, so a lot of emotions today,” she said.

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