Outpouring of support for Huntsville firefighter badly injured in wreck

Outpouring of support for Huntsville firefighter badly injured in wreck

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - A veteran Huntsville firefighter is at home recovering after spending weeks in the hospital. Kevin Cassady suffered serious injuries in a car accident while out riding his motorcycle.

Last month, Cassady, Huntsville’s oldest firefighter, found himself on the other side of things being treated by first responders. A van turned in front of his motorcycle at the intersection of Andrew Jackson Way and Oakwood Avenue. The impact forced him up onto the roof of the van.

"It flipped him into the windshield over on top of the van and that's where he landed. He received two broken wrists, a dislocated shoulder, five ribs broken on one side, four on the other, his pelvis was completely crushed and had to be reconstructed. He has a broken foot," explained Steve Wilson, Cassady's brother-in-law.

Cassady spent time in the ICU. He can’t put any weight on his extremities.

"He will need to heal for weeks at home and then go to rehab. It's going to be a long process, even after all of that. He's going to have a lot of aches and pains," Wilson stated.

(Source: Cassady Family)

When Cassady was finally cleared to leave the hospital this week, there was a heartfelt homecoming for him at his house in Five Points. Fire trucks and firefighters there to greet him. They also built a ramp to his front door for his wheelchair.

Cassady and his wife are extremely grateful for everything the community has done to rally around them during this trying time.

“The ramp is for him, but it’s mainly for her also. She’s the one who is going to be the work, pushing him in and out to different appointments,” said Cpt. Troy Graves, president of the Huntsville Firefighters Association.

"We helped the family with a little bit of cash money for immediate needs, whether they need to eat. travel, whatever they have to do. It helps get them over the hump there initially when everything happens," Graves added.

A Go Fund Me account has raised nearly $25,000 and Cassady’s friends were at the Redstone Harley Davidson collecting donations this week. The Furniture Factory and Shagnasty’s are also supporting Cassady and his family.

“All the bikers, they bond together and of course, all the firefighters do. Our family helps out as well. Him having people around him really lifts his spirits,” Wilson stated. “It’s unbelievable.”

“We do for people we don’t know every day so when one of our own goes down for whatever reason, we get on that as soon as possible. We can help smooth out some of the bumps in the road along the way to getting back to normal,” Cpt. Graves added.

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