Moldy BBQ in the Shoals and redemption for Shoney’s in Athens; Your May 17th Kitchen Cops report

Limestone & Morgan County Kitchen Cops May 16th, 2019

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - One month ago, we told you about one of the lowest scores we’ve ever seen from the Kitchen Cops. The Shoney’s on Highway 72 in Athens scored an abysmal 64 with a laundry list of problems. This week, we’re happy to tell you that a followup inspection shows a nearly 30 point jump. The Kitchen Cops went back into that Shoney’s last Friday and scored it at a 92 with no significant issues marked in the report.

However, this week’s reports were not as kind to other locations around north Alabama. Camino Real on 6th Avenue in Decatur has the lowest score in Morgan County with an 80 due to food temperature issues. El Portal on Highway 31 in Hartselle has an 85 because of a dirty ice machine and dumpster problems. The Ruby Tuesday in Athens scored an 86 because of foods missing a time stamp.

In the Shoals, several places were written up for flies and sewage system failures.

Bonnie’s Kountry Cafe in Rogersville was the low mark in Lauderdale County this week with an 83. It was missing soap at a sink, had chicken being improperly cooled and a sewage system that wasn’t working right. All three of those problems were fixed, but the score will stand until the next visit.

The Little Mart in Russellville scores an 86 because of flies in the building, mold on the soda fountains and meat at the wrong temperature. More flies were found at the Jack’s on South Montgomery in Sheffield. It also had dirty utensils noted on it’s inspection and scored an 85. Those issues were also fixed.

The Barton Street Chevron was hit with an 81. Inspectors say they found a dirty slicer and moldy barbeque being held in the cooler.

In Madison County, several Pizza Hut locations got fresh inspections because they’ve been sold to a new owner. Issues were written up, but no new score will be given until the next regular inspection. You can see those details in the raw inspection reports we have linked right below this video:

Shoals Kitchen Cops - May 17th, 2019

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