Elementary students showcase local baseball greats at ASHOF

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - From Rickwood Field to the Birmingham Black Barons, Alabama has a rich history of baseball in our state and one elementary school is learning about our state’s greatest players.

From Willie Mays to Hank Aaron, Priceville Elementary fourth grader Brantley Brightwell says learning about these players has given her a new respect for the game of baseball.

“It makes me really happy because we get to learn about the people who contributed to making Alabama such a good state," Brantley Brightwell said.

Forty-two students from Priceville Elementary School’s fourth grade class visited the Negro Southern League Museum and the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame Thursday after finishing an art project about our state’s greatest players. Each student chose a player and painted them on a softball.

“I think the students will come to understand the rich heritage that they have as Alabamians and what and each baseball player has contributed," said Priceville Elementary School art teacher Susie Bagwell.

“It’s exciting to be out here with the kids, I think about when I was their age and what I went through," said Birmingham Black Barons Hall of Famer James “Jake” Sanders.

It took the students three weeks to finish their art project, which is on display at the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame. They also had to write a three paragraph report on why they chose that specific player.

“It’s really fun and great that you get to work so hard on art and they choose it to be represented throughout the state," Brightwell said.

The fourth grade class will end their trip to the Magic City by attending a Birmingham Barons baseball game at Regions Field.

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