Tornado siren tower destroyed in Harvest

Tornado siren tower destroyed in Harvest

HARVEST, AL (WAFF) - If you live in Harvest near Kelly Spring Road, it might be hard for you to know when a tornado is coming. A car accident smashed the siren tower and plans are now in place for a replacement.

The area has been a work in progress for several months. The siren tower more than 20 feet tall is gone. County Commissioner Phil Vandiver says the new tower should be up before the end of June.

The old siren tower is now in a scrap metal heap.

The new tower cost $22,000 to replace and the commissioner is using his budget to pay for it. Vandiver hopes the drivers insurance company will reimburse them, but that could take a long time and he didn’t want to want any longer.

Vandiver says the tornado siren tower was only 10 feet away from the street and the new plans are to put it about 30 feet away from the street.

He also says it’s important you don’t rely strictly on a siren tower to keep you safe.

"Tornado sirens are just meant to be outdoors, when people are outdoors, not meant to be for when you’re inside the house. When you’re inside you need to have another action to tell you when a tornado is coming. Cellphones are great about that, weather radios are great about that,” said Vandiver.

You can download the WAFF weather App to give you the first alert when severe weather is in your area. If you live in Harvest, right now need it even more since this tower is gone.

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