Huntsville employees start spraying for mosquitoes this week

Huntsville employees start spraying for mosquitoes this week

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Public health officials in Huntsville are doing their part to make sure you don’t spend your summer itching from mosquito bites. The city’s mosquito fogging trucks are getting gassed up.

Employees with the city of Huntsville are going to start spraying for mosquitoes this Thursday, May 16, but they still need your help to keep the population under control. Water fountains can be a big breeding ground for mosquitoes.

“Check your yard to see if you have any areas for mosquitoes where they can breed. They can breed in very cryptic environments. It can be as small as a bottle cap. There’s a lot of areas people don’t think of,” said public heath environmental supervisor Cheryl Clay.

Ann Faith and her husband say they haven’t seen mosquitoes in Huntsville this year, but they’re glad the city is being proactive.

"I think that’s a good plan, to get ahead start on the mosquito season. I’m sure we’ll be seeing them when the weather gets a little warmer,” said Faith.

She’s going to follow the experts advice. “We’ll get rid of the standing water in our birdbath and try to keep that fresh,” said Faith.

In a couple days all of you in Huntsville will see trucks driving around hoping to eliminate the bugs that can also carry disease.

“Our biggest concern in this area is West Nile Virus. It’s been here for quite some time. We highly encourage everyone to dress appropriately when they need to be outside where mosquitoes are active,” said Clay.

If you don’t live in Huntsville, but you still want crews to come to your area in Madison County and spray for mosquitoes you can this link

It’s free to do and it’s also free to have them come out and inspect.

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