Storm shelter construction underway in Ardmore

Storm shelter construction underway in Ardmore
(Source: WAFF)

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - If you live in Ardmore, in a couple of weeks you'll soon have a storm shelter you'll be able to use to keep you safe during severe weather.

It might be small, but county commissioner Phil Vandiver says it could save your life.

"It will hold about 85 people and it will be standing room only. It will have benches down the side and benches in the middle," says Vandiver.

The cement foundation has just been poured behind the Bobo Volunteer Fire Department. It will take about 20 more days for this cement to cure. Crews will then bolt the structure to the sides.

“You got to put a generator in the back, so if the power goes out you can have that. You have to have a propane tank in the ground to run the generator so just a few things. It’s not a lot of construction to it. They come and bolt it down and it’s ready to go,” says Vandiver.

It might be simple, but people who live close to the Bobo Volunteer Fire Department say it’s a blessing.

“I think it’s great and it is very close. It would be easier for me and my husband to get there,” says Mary Gilbert.

The soon to be storm shelter cost $90,000 to build. Thanks to a grant from the state of Alabama, the Madison County Commission is only responsible for 20 percent.

“We’re glad to get our citizens a place to come and get in a safe place during the storms,” says Vandiver

Commissioner Phil Vandiver says pets won’t be allowed in the shelter since it’s small. It’s expected to be finished by the end of June. He also says the goal is to have more shelters in other areas across the county.

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