More than 230 licenses issued so far to bait deer, hogs

Gov. Ivey passes law legalizing deer baiting

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has started issuing licenses to hunters who want to bait white-tailed deer and feral hogs.

This comes after Gov. Kay Ivey signed the bill into law last week. Since that point, more than 230 licenses have been approved.

Christopher Blankenship, the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Commissioner, said lawmakers had debated bills similar to this for a while.

“Some people think it’s not fair chase for the deer. Others think it’s fine because it happens in so many other states," Blankenship said.

Blankenship said he hopes the new law helps control the feral hog population.

“It doesn’t take very long for them to reproduce," he said. "They’re very destructive for farmers and for landowners.”

Rep. Danny Crawford, R-Limestone County, said he hopes this gives the department more money to fight chronic wasting disease affecting deer.

“Most of their funding comes from fees and licenses. This will give them somewhere in the range of $3 million to help fight it.”

People can use bait, like corn and apples, to hunt. The Department said the stipulations include paying for a license to hunt with bait and having a separate hunting license. It costs $15 for a resident to purchase a license and $51 for a non-resident.

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