Marshall County corrections officer charged with marijuana possession

Marshall County corrections officer charged with marijuana possession

MARSHALL COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office made a drug bust and caught one of its own employees with marijuana.

The Marshall County sheriff took office in January and ever since he’s made it a priority to clean up the department as well as the jail. They started implementing random drug checks and a corrections officer, Christopher Howard, was caught with marijuana on Friday. He’s now out of a job.

“He was charged with the possession of marijuana second, which is a misdemeanor. He’s made bond and after he was charged we was dismissed by our office from employment,” said Sheriff Phil Sims.

Sheriff Sims says there were some red flags during the drug check involving Howard.

“Was acting suspicious when he came into work, left the building and further investigation with him resulted in a small amount of marijuana, less than a quarter ounce being found in his vehicle here on the sheriffs parking lot,” said Sims.

Howard was hired two months before Sims became sheriff, and the random drug checks will continue to take place.

“We take this job serious and we hold us and our employees to a higher standard because of the job that we do and to keep the public trust,” said Sims.

Howard is bonded out and he’s now waiting for a trial date.

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