Con artists posing as FBI agents are calling, showing up at homes in Colbert County

Con artists posing as FBI agents are calling, showing up at homes in Colbert County

COLBERT COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - If someone claiming to be with the FBI knocks on your door, be wary.

Colbert County authorities are warning about con artists posing as FBI agents, complete with fake badges, who are making people go to the bank to withdraw money.

Both the Colbert County sheriff and Muscle Shoals Police Department posting warnings on their Facebook pages.

Police say senior citizens are being targeted for this scam, particularly those with landlines. The scammers, saying they are with police or FBI, call or show up at someone’s home, claiming they need help with an investigation. They ask the victim to make withdrawals from their local banks or purchase money orders, cashier’s checks, prepaid gift cards or debit cards. The victims are then instructed to turn over the money in a public place and destroy any proof of the transactions.

Two people in Colbert County have been scammed out of hundreds of dollars so far.

Muscle Shoals Police Chief Clint Reck says everyone needs to be on high alert. He says if you get a call or at the door from someone claiming to be from the FBI asking for money, report it immediately.

“We reached out to the agencies in Colbert County and working jointly with the sheriff’s department and Florence PD, and the FBI is aware of this case, and we are all working together to try figure out who responsible and get the word out so it doesn’t happen again,” said Reck.

Reck says the FBI or local law enforcement won’t show up or call you asking for money to help with an investigation. If you get a call or someone knocks at your door saying they’re from the FBI, call law enforcement immediately.

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