Real estate developers announce plans for a major mixed-use development in south Huntsville

Real estate developers announce plans for a major mixed-use development in south Huntsville

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Three local, powerhouse real estate developers have announced plans for a project that will revitalize and transform south Huntsville.

Jim Hays, John Hays, and Jeff Enfinger said they will construct a community that will contain 1090 homes, an entertainment district, a nature preserve, retail and restaurant locations, a six-mile walking trail, townhouses, a dog park and more.

The 850-acre development is estimated to provide more than $450 million in economic value to the area.

Recent surveys conducted by the South Huntsville Business Association reflected the area at Hays Farm to be local residents’ top priority for community development.

It’s location – five minutes from downtown Huntsville, three minutes from Ditto Landing, and connected to Redstone Arsenal’s Gate 3 on Redstone Road – provides South Huntsville and those looking to relocate a new opportunity to live, work and play.

“This land has meant so much to our family, generation after generation,” said Jeff Enfinger. “It has been a place where we’ve worked, played, and grown as a family. We are professional developers and we are proud to have created communities across Madison County. Our best and last large master-planned community, we have planned Hays Farm to be vibrant, healthy, and fun. Hays Farm and its hundreds of acres of green space will now belong to our friends and neighbors in South Huntsville. We are happy that the warm feeling of family we have had here will continue as Hays Farm develops and lives on.”

The land at Hays Farm has been cultivated for more than a century. Its 850 acres of forests, fields, springs, and ponds are revered as a place where a family made their home.

From a blacksmith’s forge to rows of peach trees, children have wandered the woods, fished in ponds, and have delighted in the splendor of the setting.

Around the land, the progressive city of Huntsville grew, marked by the spirit of innovation that carried man into space.

Nearly two-thirds of Hays Farm will remain protected, representing 540 acres of trails, woods, lakes, and parks that will make the area an enduring playground for all of the families of a growing region.

“The Hays Farm project has the potential to transform the face of South Huntsville and bring vitality and excitement to South Parkway,” said Jennie Robinson, PhD., Huntsville City Council Representative, District 3. “It will add hundreds of acres of green space to the city as well as miles of trails and recreational amenities while preserving the natural beauty of the area. We applaud the Hays family for their vision and hope it will encourage others to reinvest in South Huntsville and improve the quality of life for the city as a whole.”

Hays Farm represents a balance of living unrivaled in North Alabama.

Traditional retail developments will introduce stores that will redefine shopping along Memorial Parkway.

Shops and restaurants will open onto a twelve-acre community park with waterfalls, an event lawn, and trailheads that will connect to the neighborhoods and Grissom High School.

“South Huntsville has not seen new development on this scale in decades. Not only is it substantial in size with greenways, new retail, restaurants and hundreds of new residences, but it will change the face of the community,” said Madison County District 5 Commissioner Phil Riddick. “This will be something new and exciting, and will add a lifestyle flavor that we have not seen before in South Huntsville. It will foster further new development and will create a new demand for living in our area. We are so thrilled that the Hays Family has embarked on this development and are looking forward to it being completed.”

At the center of Hays Farm, the Commons will emerge as a focal point for the entire community.

Each neighborhood within Hays Farm will offer access to trails and an open space network that connects the immediate community to all of Huntsville.

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