Tuscumbia police release wrong inmate from jail, sheriff says

Tuscumbia police release wrong inmate from jail

TUSCUMBIA, AL (WAFF) - Colbert County Sheriff Frank Williamson says a mix-up at the Tuscumbia City Jail resulted in the wrong person being released.

On Monday, the Tuscumbia Police Department listed Rachel Burtina White as an escapee on social media.

Williamson says White is not an escapee. She was mistakenly released after someone paid bond for another inmate. Williamson said Tuscumbia police mistakenly had her sign a bond that wasn’t hers and she was released.

The inmate who was supposed to be released is Rachel Barontina. She is currently still in the jail after White was released instead.

Williamson says White needs to turn herself in.

Her family says they don’t know where White is but they talked to her and plans to turn herself in soon.

Williamson says he tracked White down and had patrols follow her but they can’t make an arrest until they get a warrant signed by a judge for her arrest.

The sheriff said the Tuscumbia Police Department is responsible for letting White go.

White’s family is furious after she was wrongfully accused of escaping jail. They say they got a rude awakening Friday night when they were watching the news that she had escaped. White’s aunt, Patricia Peden, says she was convinced it had to be a misunderstanding.

“They need to publicly apologize to her because it wasn’t her fault she got out of jail. It wasn’t her fault that she got out jail because they turned her loose. She didn’t escape,” said Peden.

Williamson issued the following statement: ""It takes a team effort to run a jail. Rachel White was released by mistake. There are mistakes made by us, but we are all human. White was released by mistake which is rare. Which is easy to do when there is a lot going on at the same time. We in law enforcement do our best to keep the public safe, but we make mistakes. We have good law enforcement in Colbert County and work together very well."

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