Vape by a crock pot & droppings in the stock room - Your Kitchen Cops Report for April 26th, 2019

Plus, one Bridge Street hot spot is on the low performer’s list - again

Madison County Kitchen Cops - April 26th, 2019

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - We’re digging in to more than 200 inspection reports from across north Alabama this week. We’ll start in Madison County, where one hot spot at Bridge Street is getting our attention, yet again.

Bar Louie has been featured in the Kitchen Cops reports multiple times int the past six months. It’s been written up again, this time due to dirty ice machines and sinks being blocked by trash cans and dishes. It’s score is higher than it was in March, but still on the low performers list with an 81.

Elsewhere - two chain restaurants in Madison also are on that low performers list. The Chili’s on Highway 72 between Balch and County Line has the lowest score in Madison County with a 77. There were foods at the wrong temperature and problems with the ice machine. A few blocks away on Highway 72, the KFC gets a 79 due to dirty soda nozzles and can openers.

Check out more reports from Sand Mountain, the Shoals, Athens & Decatur below this video:

Marshall County Kitchen Cops - April 25th, 2019

We also dug through a month’s worth of inspection notes and scores from Marshall County this week. We found two places tied for the lowest score with a 73. The first is Local Joe’s on Main Street in Albertville. It was docked points for a grease spill, food at the wrong temperature, foods missing expiration dates and a container with vaping fluid in it being stored above a crock pot! Fire by the Lake in Guntersville is also hit with a 73. It was written up for unlabeled chemical spray bottles, loose fryer basket wires and meat missing expiration dates.

Elsewhere in Marshall County, the Sonic on Main Street in Arab gets an 81 due to a dirty ice machine, food at the wrong temperature and employees seen touching food with their bare hands.

More from Limestone & Morgan Counties below the video:

Limestone / Morgan Kitchen Cops - April 25th 2019

In Limestone County, the B&S Grocery on Elkton Road in Athens was cited after inspectors found “droppings” in the stock room. Issues with the sink and frayed fryer baskets also were noted, and the B&S score fell to 79.

In Morgan County, the Arby’s on 6th Avenue in Decatur had toxic chemicals stored above the food prep area and a grease spill. It gets and 85.

Another 85 goes to the McDonald on Main Street in Ardmore because of dirty ice machines and soda nozzles.

Click below to check out inspection reports and scores from the county Health Departments. (Note, we did not receive a report from Franklin County this week)

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