Madison City Schools holding forum on vaping, seen it rising on campuses

Madison City Schools holding forum on vaping

MADISON, AL (WAFF) - Madison City Schools is looking to clear the air on vaping. It’s unhealthy and not allowed.

The district has teamed up with A Partnership for a Drug-Free Community, and will be holding a forum on vaping next Tuesday (April 30) at Madison City Hall at 6 p.m..

Madison City Schools Safety, Security, and Emergency Management Coordinator David West said the use of E-Cigarettes is on the rise.

“We also see students with Juul pods that contain THC, and THC is the active ingredient in Marijuana. So a lot of other students are also getting Juul Juice for their Juul pods that are manufactured by other children, other students, so that’s very dangerous,” West said.

A Partnership for a Drug-Free Community Program Coordinator Anne Marie Martin said the E-cigarettes can be just as dangerous as regular cigarettes.

“That aerosol can contain chemicals and nicotine that can adversely effect your lungs,” she said.

The use or possession of E-cigarettes is currently prohibited on district campuses.

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