Pawn shop asking for help to get military memorabilia back to veterans’ family

Pawn shop asking for help to get military memorabilia back to veterans’ family

TONEY, AL (WAFF) - Does the name Donald Gregory Cox ring a bell?

A Toney pawn shop employee is looking to get decades of photos, scrapbooks, and military memorabilia back to his family.

Axel Hein works at Uncle Sam’s Pawn Shop and found the box when a potential seller stopped by.

“I saw the plastic container in his car and I said what’s in there? And he opened it up and there were two commemorative flags in there,”

Hein continued looking and found the yearbooks and high school diploma of his former classmate, Don Cox.

Both men graduated from Lee High School in 1967. Hein said he thinks Cox was a Vietnam War veteran based off of the military patches found in the box.

He convinced the seller to leave the “archive” at the store so Hein could attempt to contact Cox’s family.

Hein reached out to WAFF 48 News to get the word out.

The most recent piece of memorabilia was a 2011 baptism certificate for “Shari Cox” at the East Huntsville Assembly of God.

It was performed by Reverend Ray Tufts.

WAFF 48 News stopped by the church on Tuesday, but could not find Tufts or anyone else.

WAFF 48 News also contacted Still Serving Veterans, a veterans support organization in Huntsville.

It’s Chief Operations Officer Bill Koch said finding Cox’s family isn’t a traditional operation, but the organization will be reaching out to the military network.

“To reunite a veterans’ memorabilia with his family, that’s a big deal. We want to get that done,” Koch said.

If you know Cox or his family, the pawn shop is located at 8998 Highway 53 in Toney, and can be contacted at (256) 527-6567.

Hein said anyone coming to claim the memorabilia will need to be able to prove their relationship to Cox.

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