Moulton’s Court Street Grill owner vows to rebuild fire-destroyed restaurant

Moulton’s Court Street Grill owner vows to rebuild fire-destroyed restaurant

MOULTON, AL (WAFF) - Court Street Grill in downtown Moulton was still burning Tuesday night after a fire ignited there more than 24 hours ago.

It’s being called the most devastating fire in the county’s history.

Court Street Grill’s owner, Art Moss, spoke with WAAFF 48 News about the ordeal. And the fire turns out to be added agony to other tribulations in his life recently.

Moss was in a neck brace as he watched his restaurant billowing with smoke Monday night. Seven weeks ago, he and his wife were hit by an 18-wheeler that nearly killed him.

He hasn’t left his house in weeks until Monday night when he got a heartbreaking phone call.

“She called and she’s screaming, ‘Boss, boss, this thing’s filled up with smoke. It’s filling up with smoke,'" he said.

Moss got to the restaurant five minutes later to see smoke pouring out of the windows.

“You know, you put everything you got into it for a year and then you open and you...this June will be two years we’ve been open. We were so received by the public and I got to know everybody in Moulton," he said.

Shop owners next to Court Street say the restaurant revived downtown Moulton.

However, seven weeks ago, things changed for Moss.

“It was an 18-wheeler, that the witnesses said didn’t really do anything. He was looking up at the light. He speeded up and he hit us," Moss said. “He said just a millimeter from being paralyzed or dead. Ninety-nine out of 100, I was the one that made it out of the 100.”

Moss says there’s not a day that goes by he doesn’t think about that one percent, but then he heard his restaurant, his livelihood, was on fire.

“I just about lost it, but then you think you’re lucky to be alive and we’re lucky that nobody got hurt in this fire. So let’s go there and rebuild,” he said.

It’s just 24 hours later and Moss already has plans to keep on moving forward.

“Make the front look like it’s two stories, and put it back just like it was the day it was built on the front and you walk in and it’ll be the restaurant and the different banquet rooms."

Moss says he’s excited to be a part of once again rebuilding and reviving the heart of Moulton.

Moss still has a long road of recovery for his health and this building. However, we too look forward to the restoration.

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