Shocker at Shoney’s - Athens location gets lowest Kitchen Cops score in weeks

Meanwhile, Madison County inspectors are generous with the 100′s

Shocker at Shoney’s - Athens location gets lowest Kitchen Cops score in weeks
The Athens Shoney's scores a 64 for the week of April 19th, 2019

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - It was a week of highs and lows for health inspectors around north Alabama. In Madison County, the Kitchen Cops were in a good mood and freely giving out 99′s and 100′s to several restaurants who got the job done. But, it was a very different story in Limestone County, where one popular buffet was hit with the lowest score we’ve seen in weeks. Read more below the video.

Limestone & Morgan County Kitchen Cops April 18th, 2019

The Shoney’s on Highway 72 in Athens was hit with a dismal 64 score on it’s inspections on April 8th and 11th. Among the issues - cottage cheese, eggs, ham, potato, salad, melon and chicken all at the wrong temperature. There was also a chemical spray bottle put on the ice maker, a broken sink, damaged fryer baskets and dirty ice machines, slicers and food racks.

Staying in Limestone County, the Gin House Barbeque in Elkmont gets a 78 due to missing sanitizer, a dirty ice maker and food not being properly reheated.

Read below the video to see what the Kitchen Cops found in the Shoals & Madison County.

Shoals Kitchen Cops April 19th, 2019

The problems in northwest Alabama weren’t as serious as what was noted in Limestone County. The lowest score there belongs to Costa on 4th Street in Red Bay. It gets a 76 due to a dishwasher not sanitizing, beef, chicken & shrimp at the wrong temperature, sewage behind the building and problems with staff not having proper food safety paperwork.

In Florence, Curtis’ gets an 85 because of a dirty can opener and employees seen touching food with bare hands.

Madison County’s problems are below the video!

Madison County Kitchen Cops April 19th, 2019

In Madison County, the Schnitzel Ranch on Church Street is the low performer of the week. The biggest problem on the score sheet is what the Germans would call “alten essen” - “old food”. During two different visits, inspectors found outdated food in coolers. On April 11th, there was food dating back to March 19th, 24th, 26th and 29th. On April 16th, there was food dating back to April 6th. There was also a dirty ice machine that still wasn’t cleaned between the first visit and the second. Schnitzel Ranch earned an 81 score.

It wasn’t all bad news in Madison County. In fact, out of 132 inspections, there were 12 perfect 100 scores, and another 31 scoring 98 or above. You can check out the raw scoring and inspection data from the health departments below:

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