Dreary Good Friday full of cold, wind, and showers

Happy Good Friday! Grab a coat and umbrella because today looks to be pretty dreary.

The cold front that brought us storms late yesterday is now fully through the area and that has turned the winds to the northwest and brought in cooler temperatures. Temperatures this morning are into the low 50s and we will not see any more warmth than that throughout the day. Wind from the northwest will stay breezy all day today, gusting from 15 to 25 mph throughout the day. We will also see off and on showers through the middle of the day and afternoon, which will make it feel damp all day. High temperatures today will likely be in the late morning with the low 50s and our temperatures will drop into the 40s for the afternoon.

Breezy winds will continue for Saturday, again from the northwest at 15 to 25 mph. However, clouds are expected to clear out after some early morning showers. If clouds clear out earlier and we see sunshine we will make the low 60s for the afternoon. If the clouds linger then we will likely stay into the low 50s. Either way, it looks like Easter Sunday will be perfect with the mid to upper 70s and plenty of sunshine! Wind will be much calmer as well from the south at 5 to 10 mph.

Meteorologist Brandon Spinner

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