Guntersville school officials want new high school

Guntersville school officials want new high school

GUNTERSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - $50 million! That’s the price tag for a new high school in Guntersville.

WAFF 48 News got a tour of the current high school to find out why school employees want a new one.

Established in 1969 and built in 1971, this is the only high school in Guntersville. The building is 48 years old and employees say its outdated.

“We definitely need a new space. We are running out of space as you can tell by the classroom sizes. We have triangular classrooms that have 30 plus students in them and we just need more space,” said library media specialist Elishaba Larson.

In addition to updating technology, most of the classrooms don’t have any windows.

“We’re looking at changes in classrooms and getting feedback from the administration from the faculty and staff at the high school to make sure this school has all the bells and whistles and updates to take care of teaching students," said superintendent Brett Stanton.

The superintendent says the plans are to build the new, two-story high school in the current parking lot of the current high school and take up some of the green-space. The high school would remain open while construction takes place.

Stanton hopes getting an updated school will attract more students.

“Our student population is not growing right now, matter of fact we’ve lost some students, but we strongly believe if you build a new high school, students will come, so we have to build with the mindset there will be an increase enrollment to a certain degree,” said Stanton.

In order to pay for a new high school, taxes for you in Guntersville would go up.

“I know our community will back us up and support it,” said Elishaba Larson.

The superintendent says the tax could be on next year’s ballot.

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