Muscle Shoals Sound Studios launches new podcast

Muscle Shoals Sound Studios launches new podcast

MUSCLE SHOALS, AL (WAFF) - An iconic north Alabama music studio is launching a new podcast.

Muscle Shoals Sound Studios is producing the new audio series to capture the colorful stories of musicians, like the members of the Swampers, the studio musicians who can be heard on hundreds of songs. They want to share these stories with a new generation of listeners.

“What we’ve learned from Jimmy Johnson or David Hood whenever they do interviews, they always come with new stories and we are constantly learning about things that happened here. They’ll remember something and it will jog their memory and they’ll tell a story they’ve never told us before,” said Mallory Kirk of Muscle Shoals Sound Studios.

The first episode was recorded Monday and will be finished early next week.

The podcast will be posted first to

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