AL bill would halt asset seizures without conviction

AL bill would halt asset seizures without conviction

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - The bill is sponsored by Republican state senator Arthur Orr, from Decatur.

He tells our news partners at the Decatur daily that the bill was originally designed to go after people like drug kingpins, but now it’s being used for much lower level suspects who can’t afford to fight back.

As you said, under current law, law enforcement agencies are allowed to keep that property with a civil court order, even if there’s no conviction.

Under Orr’s proposal, that property could only be kept if the suspect is convicted. The bill has already passed committee by a unanimous vote.

However, the Alabama District Attorneys Association is fighting this proposal. Executive Director Barry Matson says, they believe the bill is flawed and unconstitutional.

He also claims police chiefs and sheriffs around the state are being kept in the dark about this.

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