The threat of severe weather rolling into the valley, Emergency Shoals Management Officials are warning people to stay alert

With the threat of severe weather rolling into the valley, emergency management officials are warning people


Whether you live in an apartment, trailer, or house, it’s important you have a safe place you can go to in a moments notice.

Also make sure you bring an emergency supply kit with food and water that can last you at least 72 hours.

Weather is unpredictable in the Tennessee Valley especially during spring. This weekend is no exception. You have a little more than 24 hours to prepare for possible wind damage, flooding, and power outages.

EMA Director George Grabryan says a basement is the best place to be, but if you don’t have one, look for a room without windows on the bottom level of your home.

If you live in an apartment the bathroom is usually a safe spot.

If you live in a mobile home pay close attention to weather watches and warnings. Mobile homes are not safe during high winds, severe thunderstorms and especially tornadoes. It is wise to evacuate as soon as the weather starts turning bad.

We do have community shelters in most of the communities in Lauderdale County we use a volunteer shelter system. Our shelter is open during tornado watches the time to act and go to one is during a tornado watch, said Grabryan.

Todd Nix says his home was hit by a tornado several years ago. He says within minutes of a warning his family went to their safe place. Soon after he heard violent winds, and a tree smashing into his home.

It happened that fast and fortunately we weren’t hurt but we had a lot of damage to the house.

Nix says he and his family survived because they were weather aware and had a safety plan in place.

Don’t take this for granted don’t take this lightly because if it happens and your not prepared you just going to take what it brings,said, Nix.

Make sure you have extra flash lights, batteries, and avoid going outside if there is a severe weather warning. ICopyright 2019 WAFF. All rights reserved.