Franklin County school district prepared for severe weather

Franklin County school district prepared for severe weather
Damage from the April 27 tornado at Phil Campbell High School. Source: WBRC video

FRANKLIN COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Nearly eight years ago this month, a deadly tornado ripped through Franklin County, and the town of Phil Campbell took a direct hit.

On Tuesday, WAFF 48 News talked to the superintendent of Franklin County Schools on the progress the school system has made on keeping students safe during severe weather.

“It’s a day that no one will forget in Franklin County. Its always better to air on the side of caution,” said Superintendent Gregg Hamilton.

Hamilton says 2011′s deadly and violent tornado that destroyed Phil Campbell High School prompted the district to take extra precautions. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

“We have a tornado drill every month not only tornado but also fire drills we do every month and code red lock down in our policy,” said, Hamilton.

Every school in the district has a safety plan and designated shelter.

Phil Campbell High School has a safe room that can fit more than 900 hundred students and faculty.

Right now, Tharptown Elementary is building a new storm shelter that is placed in front of the school.

“We have a school nurse on every campus, first aid kit, and defibrillator and all necessary medical supplies," said Hamilton.

This time of year Hamilton says its always a good idea for parents to talk to their kids about being weather aware.

“Always take it serious don’t panic and listen to your teachers and administrators. Trust they will do what they can to take care of you,” said Hamilton.

He says they depend heavily on our meteorologist and emergency response agencies for weather updates.

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