Superheroes Week Tuesday spotlight: Lydia Cole

Heroes Week: Lydia Cole

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - It’s day two of Superheroes week and where we’re highlighting heroes among us.

We're revealing one a day and they were nominated by those of you in this community online.

These are the good kind of stitches and who knew this could heal too.

“We give each woman an apron for the drains after surgery,” said Lydia Cole.

The aprons these women are sewing unites a group no one really asked to be apart of.

Breast cancer has a way of doing that. These affectionately called pink sisters find their way together in the breast center’s surviving and thriving program, it just came to Lydia Cole one night.

“I gotta get out of bed because this is burning on my heart. I went downstairs and I wrote in my little journal, 8 week class, this is class one, this is class two. A rose. Something to make them feel beautiful,” said Cole.

There was a void for something like this.

“In a way it’s kind of like post-traumatic stress because they’re fighting for their life going to doctors everyday, doing everything they can do and then you’re done,” said Cole.

That's where surviving and thriving picks up with Lydia Cole at the helm.

It's designed to support women after that fight with classes on maintaining their nutrition, staying active and even crafting things like aprons and pillows to help comfort others still battling.

It’s a program that’s not only successful, it’s significant and who’s kidding, it’s social hour too.

And these classes are paid for by the Liz Hurley Foundation that so many of you have donated to.

Remember, WAFF 48 is a sponsor of the Annual Superhero’s 5K and Fun Run for the NCAC, where costumes are strongly encouraged.

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