Huntsville mother calling for more transparency, change in administration after bullying

Huntsville mother calling for more transparency, change in administration after bullying

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A mother is calling out Huntsville City Schools for not telling her everything after she said her son was bullied on Friday.

Amy Jackson said her 9-year-old son, Aiden Jackson, was punched and stabbed in the stomach with a pencil at Providence Elementary School.

She said a school nurse called her that afternoon about the wound Aiden received. Jackson said the pencil did break Aiden’s skin.

“When I tried to reach out to the administrators, Dr. Alexander (principal) to be exact, she did not want to communicate with me. She told me that ‘discipline would be handled’ on Monday, which was yesterday, and told me I did not need to be at the school when it took place,” Jackson said.

She said the district did not tell her how the bully was punished, but later learned through Huntsville Police the student was serving an out-of-school suspension.

Huntsville Police told WAFF 48 News she declined to press charges, and is no longer involved in the incident.

Jackson said the suspension is inadequate and wants Providence Elementary Principal Dr. Presonia Lynette Alexander to be removed.

“Any bully that brings bodily harm to another child does not deserve to have the privilege to remain in school with his peers. I tell my children all the time, bullying leads to peer pressure, peer pressure leads to suicide," she said.

Huntsville City Schools sent WAFF 48 News the following statement:

“Our Behavioral Learning Guide (BLG) provides for consequences for students who engage in any type of inappropriate physical contact or aggression. (This can be found on pages 11-12 of the Elementary Matrix of the BLG). Depending on the child’s behavior, the student can be suspended out of school. School administrators conduct thorough investigations on any alleged incidents and use the BLG to administer consequences. Due to FERPA ( Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) law, the school district can only share information about a specific student with the custodial parent of the child.”

Huntsville City Schools does not expel children in Elementary school.

Jackson said outside of the bullying, her family’s experience at Providence Elementary has been positive.

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