Resident: State inspectors asking veterans about alleged abuse at Huntsville VA home

Resident: State inspectors asking veterans about alleged abuse at Huntsville VA home

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The state of Alabama is investigating the Floyd E. ‘Tut’ Fann Veterans home in Huntsville.

The Alabama Department of Public Health confirmed surveyors were on the property on Monday, but did not disclose why.

Multiple sources confirmed the inspectors were talking with residents. A resident told WAFF 48 News the surveyors were asking about allegations of physical abuse.

WAFF 48 News published multiple stories in March about alleged mistreatment and abuse at the home. In response, the Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs requested an independent investigation by the state department of public health.


The ADPH had not confirmed any investigation or its intent to investigate until Monday.

ADPH State Program Director Mia Sadler declined to explain the investigation in detail, but in an email said:

“When the Department of Public Health conducts a licensure survey; (1) the surveyors make observations of the care and services provided to residents; (2) the surveyors conduct interviews with residents, family members, sponsors, and facility staff; (3) the surveyors select a sample of residents; and (4) the surveyors review records. All of these actions are necessary to review for regulatory compliance.”

The resident said an inspector met with veterans in a group setting, and no concerns about physical abuse were raised.

It’s unclear if one-on-one interviews are taking place.

He/she did say a number of the veterans raised concerns about under-staffing, and the quality of meals prepared at the home.

A current employee at the home said he/she has been told the surveyors arrived on a Sunday afternoon.

It’s unclear how long the inspection will last, but Sadler did state the results would be made public.

The Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs owns the home, and did not respond to a request for comment.

A spokesperson had previously stated the department would not comment on the investigation for the sake of its integrity.

HMR Veterans Services Inc. runs the day to day operations of the home. It sent this statement from its Regional Vice President of Operations, Scott Hurst:

"Along with the 260-plus licensed long-term care facilities in the state, Tut Fann is routinely surveyed by ADPH.

These important reviews have a shared mission: to ensure the best care for our veterans. And, we appreciate the hard work of the visiting team and our staff.”

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