Defense team asks for stay of civil case for Decatur doctor indicted on sexual abuse charge

Convicted Decatur doctor indicted on sexual abuse charge

MORGAN COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - A Decatur doctor who has already been found guilty of misdemeanors has now been indicted on a felony charge of first-degree sexual abuse.

Dr. Michael Dick was taken into custody in Montgomery on Friday, March 29. He was there for a hearing to determine the future of his medical license.

Dr. Dick’s defense team was in court on Wednesday to file three motions. Dr. Dick’s legal team is asking for the class action complaints to be dismissed, a stay on the civil case due to the recent indictment on felony charges and a request to cancel subpoenas regarding hospital records at Decatur General.

The judge ruled to hold discovery on the civil case until the felony charges are resolved, but the prosecution is still allowed to continue discovery on third-party individuals, co-defendants and other plaintiffs and witnesses.

The judge did not make a decision regarding the subpoenas for hospital records.

The State Medical Board suspended Dick’s license in October after he was found guilty of harassing patients.

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