EMA officials: Lincoln County flooding caused $1.7M in damage

EMA officials: Lincoln County flooding caused $1.7M in damage

LINCOLN COUNTY, TN (WAFF) - Lincoln County, Tennessee Emergency Management Agency director Doug Campbell says estimates of February’s historic flooding are around $1.7 million. Last week, Governor Bill Lee reached out to FEMA for the 54 counties in Tennessee affected by flooding. Lincoln County was on that list.

Over a month later and many areas are still drying out. Maple Street and Main Street downtown as well as Don Davidson park were some of the hardest hit.

“This was the worst I’ve ever remembered seeing," stated Chris Mitchell, Fayetteville, Tennessee Parks & Recreation director. “We still don’t have everything cleaned up down here. The cross country course still has a lot of debris. We tried to hit our main areas to get everyone playing ball as quick as we could.”

Don Davidson ballpark was underwater for days as the Elk River marched ashore. The cleanup process included fixing damaged soccer goals, concession stands and cleaning up debris.

“We were pretty fortunate. it’s just mother nature. All we do is deal with when it comes. We can’t control it," said Mitchell.

Across town, Richard Simmons and his family were also pretty fortunate. His home was one of the first met by flood waters on Maple Avenue.

Left behind is a visible water line where the floods Simmons says the floods were at their peak. Luckily for his family, they made it out safely and had little damage to their home.

“All the water from them dams, when they let them loose, these little towns like this just flood. Ain’t nothing we can do about it," said Simmons.

Both praise the work of city leadership in making sure everyone made it out safely.

“The Mayor even come to house at 2:00 in the morning," explained Simmons. "He was out walking around in a suit; walking through the water. Going door-to-door.”

Looking back, both Mitchell and Simmons say they now look at floods differently.

“Stay prepared because if it comes in again we got to leave," stated Simmons.

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