Showers this morning; Drier stretch into the weekend

Grab an umbrella, you might need it to start the day today. The good news is rain should not be with us all day today.

Scattered showers are pushing across the valley this morning and dwindling as they make their way east. It is a much warmer start to the day out there as well with the low to mid 40s across much of the Tennessee Valley. Showers should lead to about a tenth of an inch, or less, of rain this morning and then we will just be left with breezy northwest winds gusting up to 20-25 mph. Where are expecting off and on cloud cover throughout the day to day as temperatures stay in to the upper 50s and low 60s across the Tennessee Valley.

Waking up Friday morning does look to be chilly. Temperatures expected to be into the low to mid 30s, so don’t be surprised if we see another frost. Friday looks like a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine and temperatures into the mid-60s. Even more sunshine and warmth on the way for Saturday before clouds building later in the day and into Sunday with a chance at rain Sunday afternoon.

Meteorologist Brandon Spinner

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