Bill would allow taxpayers to donate a portion of their refund to the border wall

Legislator says bill would show if Alabamians support border wall

Bill would allow taxpayers to donate a portion of their refund to the border wall
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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Alabama Senate lawmakers debated a bill that would allow taxpayers to donate a portion of their tax refund to the border wall.

Republican State Senator Del Marsh, who is sponsoring Senate Bill 22, presented the piece of legislation to the Governmental Affairs Committee. Marsh says this gives Alabamians a way to tell the federal government whether they support a wall or not.

“The importance of this legislation as much as anything else it is sending a message to Washington that Alabamians believe in border security, they want the wall built, they want to protect our citizens from criminals and we want to protect our jobs,” said Marsh.

Currently, people can donate their refund to areas including the Children’s Trust Fund, Alabama Breast and Cervical Cancer Research Program and Foster Care Trust Fund to name a few. The bill would add We Build the Wall, Inc. to the list.

Sen. Bobby Singleton does not support the bill. He spoke on the senate floor.

“Why are we trying to build a wall? I got schools in my districts that are one hundred years old that kids have leaking roofs in” said Singleton. “Why aren’t we talking about building new schools? Why aren’t we talking about building hospitals?” Singleton said.

The bill states:

Senate Bill 22 as introduced creates an income tax refund check-off beginning in the 2020 tax year for the We Build the Wall, Incorporated. Based on contributions to the current voluntary income check-off programs in fiscal year 2018, each entity could receive a maximum $29,471 annually from the provisions of this bill.
Senate Bill 22, sponsored by Alabama State Senator Del Marsh

Congress needs to first vote to accept that money.

SB 22 was not voted on. It could be brought up for another debate.

Editor’s note: Originally this story said donators would receive a refund for donating to the wall project. The story has been updated to reflect that donators can choose to donate their refund to the wall.

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