TVA begins prescribed burns

TVA begins prescribed burns

(WAFF) - Every year, fires are set intentionally on public land across the Valley.

Tennessee Valley Authority officials say the fires rejuvenate the land to support a healthy, functioning, natural habitat on public land.

TVA land conditions specialist Jack Muncy says the prescribed burns are similar to doctors giving out prescriptions to nurse people back to health.

“Just like a medical doctor makes a prescription for an individual’s health, we make a prescription for the land and the resources,” Muncy said.

But it doesn’t only affect public land. If certain invasive species aren’t killed, they could take over your backyard without you even knowing it. Muncy added that the burns can help prevent exotic species before they have a chance to spread too much.

The burns help pave the way for summer growth as well. Senior TVA manager Hugh Standridge says the warm season grasses are one of the foundations for the food chain. Birds eat the seeds, bats eat the insects, and deer graze in the open fields.

The TVA conducts prescribed fires on different pieces of land each year.

You can read more about prescribed burns here.

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