Decatur clinic offering free health care

Community Free Clinic serving Decatur and Morgan County low-income families

Decatur clinic offering free health care

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - If you live in Morgan County, there’s an option for health care that won’t cost a thing.

The Decatur Community Free Clinic offers free medical examinations, prescriptions and dental care to low income individuals and families in the Decatur and Morgan County area.

There are free medical clinics all over Alabama, this one in Morgan County serves more than 500 people every year.

“When we have a patient, they don’t just come one time, they are our patient once they qualify. They come here for all of their medical needs,” executive director Jessica Payne said.

Payne says the clinic bases its low-income threshold off the national poverty line, which changes every year.

Finding out whether you qualify, she says, is as easy as giving the clinic a call.

“They will do an interview over the phone, and we can tell them what documents to bring in and that would include pay stubs and documents about the household,” Payne continued.

The clinic has some paid part-time positions, however, a majority of the staff is volunteer.

Decatur Mayor Tab Bowling says, local health care professionals dedicate their free-time to help out.

“There is a lot of in-kind services given by health care professionals, so the pharmacists on staff that’s Pro Bono. Same with all the health care providers," Bowling said.

While the Community Free Clinic is non-profit, the city of Decatur is the clinic’s largest contributor.

“It’s just nice to know a clinic here that supports the health care of those residents. We’re a special place and you’ll find that in the hearts of all Decatur residents,” Bowling said.

In the hearts and minds of everyone contributing.

“A lot of people are really looking for an opportunity to help another person, and this is an opportunity that really touches peoples hearts,” Payne said.

On April 26, the Community Free Clinic is hosting its 10th annual fundraiser at Point Mallard.

If you want to know how to qualify for free medical care, call the clinic at (256) 309-2491.

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