Remington layoffs to hit Huntsville facility

Remington layoffs to hit Huntsville facility

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Gun manufacturer Remington is laying off 200 employees between three different manufacturing facilities located in Arkansas, New York, and Huntsville.

WAFF 48 News has received a copy of an internal memo given to Remington employees detailing the layoffs. According to the memo, Remington’s inventory exceeds demand for the company’s firearms.

We reached out to the company to find out how many of those layoffs will be in Huntsville but we were told “no comment.”

Huntsville city leaders and the Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce were not sure how many employees are at Remington’s facility in Huntsville or how many would be laid off.

Remington declared bankruptcy in 2018.

The company also paid back Morgan County, Limestone County, Madison County, and Athens for tax breaks awarded to the company after it failed to meet recruitment targets outlined in a previous agreement.

The city of Huntsville granted Remington an extension to meet a hiring quota of at least 415 employees. Remington has until Dec. 31 to meet that goal or it will also owe Huntsville money.

We reached out to the state Department of Labor to see if they knew anything about layoffs at Remington. We are told the company would have to notify the state if it planned to lay off 33 percent of its workforce or more.

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