Madison County students get experience with crash simulation

Madison County students get experience with crash simulation

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Tuesday some Madison County students got some hands-on experience responding to a disaster.

Local first responder agencies put on a bus vs. car crash simulation, which included fires, trapped students, injured/dead students, and their “families.”

Students training to be police and medical personnel were tasked with effectively controlling and responding to the situation.

The students had to communicate with each other, give help to those that needed it, and secure the perimeter.

New Hope High School junior Jackson Cowan said the experience was “very chaotic," but he said it taught him several lessons and only strengthened his interested in law enforcement.

“If something’s not really going your way, and it’s just coming right at you in your face, just kind of step back and keep your cool,” he said.

Teachers and trained first responders guided the students as they navigated the scenario. Burnie Stedham is a former Huntsville Police officer and teaches Cowan and his law enforcement classmates.

“They did very well. I think they realized one of the key issues we’ve talked about since August was communication and how it can break down real quick,” Stedham said.

Students got a chance to look at a Medflight helicopter at the end of the situation, and all the students who spoke to WAFF 48 said the experience makes them look forward to their chosen fields.

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