Bridge Street bar bombs inspection: Your March 8th Kitchen Cops Report

Plus, roaches rule the roost in several spots

Madison County Kitchen Cops for March 8th, 2019

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - It’s been a bad couple of weeks for Bar Louie at Bridge Street in Huntsville. As we reported a few weeks ago, conditions at Bar Louie caused customers to complain and for health inspectors to make an unscheduled visit. At the time, it was written up for food at the wrong temperature, improper utensil washing, employees touching food with bare hands and live roaches in the kitchen. Because this was an inspection prompted by a complaint, Bar Louie was not given a new score. It’s most recent score was an 83 from January. But, this week, Bar Louie had another official inspection and the already low score tumbled another 13 points to a 70. This time, Bar Louie was written up for dented cans in the pantry, food missing expiration dates, missing sanitizer in dishwashers, broken and dirty ice machines and dirty utensils.

Elsewhere in Huntsville, roaches were ruling the roost at a shopping center on Sparkman Drive. The American Deli and Big Chow Buffet sit next to each other. They had to call in exterminators after last week’s inspection found roaches. A followup visit from the Kitchen Cops seemed to show that the roaches were taken care of. However, American Deli’s score of 83, and Big Chow’s 72 stand.

In Limestone County, the low score of the week comes from the Saffron Indian Restaurant on County Line Road. It gets a 79 due to dishwashers without sanitizer, employees touching food with bare hands, and employees not washing hands after using the restroom. There were also concerns about raw food cross-contaminating other items. Morgan County’s low performer is the River Bridge Shell with a 78. It was written up for toxic cleaners being stored near a food prep table.

In the Shoals, Fiesta Mexicana on Cloverdale Road in Florence has the lowest score in Lauderdale County due to undated food, missing dishwasher sanitizer and food at the wrong temperature. A followup inspection showed all of those problems were fixed. In Franklin County, Swamp John’s in Red Bay lost points due to signs of rodents in the building, and the Bay Mini Mart on 4th Street in Red Bay was hit for dirty equipment, no soap in the restrooms and a food warmer not doing it’s job.

Morgan & Limestone County Kitchen Cops for March 8th 2019

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